2018-03-21, Adrian Llanez, ASNMSU Community Outreach

President Lya called the meeting to order, calling Jim Maxon to give the invocation.  She led the Pledge of Allegiance before Earl Phillips led the singing of “I’m Lookin’ Over A Four-Leaf Clover.” 

Keith Houser introduced his guest from Rio Rancho, Jason Bradley.  John Davis from Springer was introduced by his grandfather, Bobby Rankin.  Our high school students of the month (Genesis Tellez from Mayfield and Roberto Gonzalez from Oñate) were introduced and reminded of their talks the following week.  After the introductions, we had the chance to meet and greet each other. 

Happy dollars began with John Hernández, happy to be here.  Charles Tharp was glad that pecans and taxes were done, and that new crops were beginning.  Gary Aschbacher was happy to have a new grandbaby, and announced a ribbon cutting at his business.  Mel Parish was visited by his granddaughter.  Jim Maxon was happy for our students of the month.  Greg Fant was happy to find ASNMSU was the program.  Patty Groth reminded us that cruise tickets were due next week, and there would also be the opportunity to purchase tickets for the Rio Grande club’s raffle of two Southwest Airlines tickets; that raffle benefits local work of Habitat for Humanity.  Keith auctioned off some Panamanian coffee received by the club; Jay Jordan was the lucky (?) bidder. 

The Program

Our speakers were NMSU students Adrian Llanez, director of the Associated Students of NMSU (ASNMSU) community outreach department, and his assistant, Ryan May.  They were accompanied by two others from their group, Faith Aguilera and Sonya Shambhay.  They gave us a brief history of ASNMSU, founded in 1910, and a look at its current organization, which includes legislative and judicial branches in addition to the executive branch that leads the student government. 

ASNMSU departments include Activities, putting on concerts and other entertainment events free to students; Government Affairs, lobbying for student-favored legislation in Santa Fe; Public Relations, managing the ASNMSU website and social media accounts; Services, providing the Crimson Cab and Pete’s Pick Up, safe transportation on or off campus, respectively, as well as the discount program with merchants, free scantron forms for exams, and free access for students to the New York Times; and Community Outreach.  The mission of the Community Outreach department is to connect NMSU students to the local community through several programs.  Their largest events are the fall Keep State Great event, cleaning up the campus for homecoming, and The Big Event, participating in cleanup programs in the community, in connection with the City of Las Cruces and Keep Las Cruces Beautiful.  The group also handles several outreach programs within the student community including information sessions in freshman classes, a leadership conference for students of regional colleges, and participation in the University’s sustainability initiatives. 

After the Program

President-elect Patty Groth noted that the can raised $191 for projects.  The pot for the drawing had grown to $105, but Gary Aschbacher drew the three of clubs, so the pot rolls forward to next week; Gary did win six free drawing tickets to try again.  President Lya closed the meeting with the Four-Way Test. 

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