2018-04-25, Club Assembly

President Lya rang the bell about 13 minutes past noon.  Mary Ellen’s invocation reminded us of the great value of friendships.  President Lya then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Patty played the piano and Fran led us in singing the “Ballad of Jed Clampett.”  The entire group had a lot of fun with that.  President Lya introduced all of the guests including our two high school student guests and their families.  All were invited to “meet and greet!”  The mystery greeter was Charles Townley who was hiding in the back of the room.

Happy dollars and announcements:  Larry was happy that he is the only one sporting a “Red” badge.  He was also happy for Mary Ellen’s great tribute to friendship;  Charlotte was very happy that Gary is back and feeling much better;  Daniel was happy about his successful efforts at getting program chairs for the new Rotary year that is fast approaching;  Kristi took the opportunity to make a sad announcement that Arlyn Kriegel’s wife Betty passed last Sunday;  Charles was happy to cover Kristi’s fines for giving a sad announcement during “happy dollar time” and forgetting her badge – Charles is not only a scholar, but a gentleman as well!  Patty noted that our long time member Arlyn Kriegel who passed away on July 14 will be remembered at the Rotary District 5520 Conference this weekend.  Dinus let us know that Arnold Nelson, Barbara’s dad’s funeral is Sunday at 2 pm at the Trinity Lutheran Church.  Richelle reminded us that the “Taste of Las Cruces” tickets will be available next week.  Fran Boldt and Larry reminded us of the Las Cruces Symphony together with the NMSU Masterworks Chorus will be performing May 5 and 6.  President Lya announced that there will be a short Board of Directors’ meeting immediately following today’s meeting.  She also reminded us that we can still make Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) contributions.

The Program

The program for this meeting consisted of the two high school student guests giving their presentations.  Richard LeFevre from Arrowhead High School went first followed by August Rennow from Centennial High School.  Both spoke of the great positive influence their families have had of their lives.  They gave overviews of their future plans and their community service efforts.

After the Program

Bill Harty and Jim Scott had a bidding war as to who would kick in the most bucks for Boy Scouts in recognition of August’s Eagle Scout project.  Richelle requested that President Lya be fined since she introduced Richelle’s guest and husband Marty instead of letting Richelle introduce him.  Richelle then introduced Marty as her favorite WestPoint graduate.  With great effort, she refrained from telling one of her infamous “sick jokes.”  This highly charged “sick joke” atmosphere was too much for Kristi.  She noted that President Lya was so positive that her head was attracting electrons.  This nearly incomprehensible joke was aimed at the engineers and technocrats present.  With a nearly straight face, Patty gave the can report.  We collected $59 for the Club’s school projects.  The pot is up to $181.  Roslyn LeFevre had the winning ticket and drew the Jack of Spades.  She got a Walgreen’s gift card from the basket of “fabulous gifts.”  President Lya closed the meeting with the 4-Way Test.

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Ana Mangino May 2
James Gerwels May 3
Caroline Zamora May 19
Lyn Ames May 20
Elaine Szalay May 25
Mark Santiago May 28

Wedding Anniversaries-May

Member Spouse Wedding Anniversary Years
Ted Shelton Mary Lee May 15 42 years
Jim Maxon Jacqueline May 18 5 years
Greg Fant Beth May 22 28 years
Robert Seaton Linda May 23 31 years
Earl Phillips Mary May 23 57 years

Club Anniveraries-May

Member Club Anniversary Tenure
Ted Shelton May 1 32 years
Jim Parks May 6 31 years
Richelle Ponder May 23 17 years

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