2018-05-02, Kathy Rodolph, NM State Softball

Lya Jordan, president, called the meeting to order at 12:06.  Sherry Franzoy provided the invocation.  Blaine Goss led the singing of  “Down by the Old Mill Stream” which he chose because it was a song “older than us" (1908) .  The Pledge was given.

Richelle introduced her guest, husband Marty Swafford.  Mark Mesch was welcomed, guest of Gary Brockway and a possible future member.  Fran Kemp, guest of Bill Harty, seems to be enjoying her visits to this club.

“Happy Birthday” was sung to those Rotarians with May birthdays.  The names of those with May wedding anniversaries and club anniversaries were read.  A sympathy card was sent around for Barbara Nelson on the death of her father. 

Kristi Granados announced a big new job for her son-in-law in Prescott, Idaho.  Fran Boldt and Barry Fisher attended a Rotary conference in Santa Fe and were pleased with it, saying that more of our members should attend.   Keith Houser smiled as he told of going with his grandson for his first haircut.  Keith’s son will be going to Seattle for an internship with the Department of Energy.  Bill reported on the great news in the Aggie sports world.  Patty Groth told of her new job with Jardin de los Niños. 

Lya said there is still time for donations to be made to Every Rotarian, Every Year.  June 7 is the date of the Taste of Las Cruces—Richelle and Patty have tickets.  She reminded the club that she and Jay will be gone until June to the Seychelles where they will celebrate their 50th anniversary.  Filling in for her will be past presidents Mary Ellen McKay, Lyn Ames, Ana Mangino, and Christopher Dulany.

The first reading toward membership was given for Fran Kemp.

Mary Ellen renewed her effort to sell raffle tickets for the L.C. Symphony.  James Gerwels said that he would match anyone who bought the symphony tickets with his donation to the EREY.  Patty and the Brockways bought a symphony ticket together.

The Program

Bill introduced Kathy Rodolph who is already well known to the club.  Kathy is finishing her 15th season as head coach of the NMSU softball team.  She is the “winningest” head coach currently at NMSU.  She has won 450 with the Aggies and 650 total as a college coach.  The seniors she has on her team right now have known nothing but a winning season during their college careers.  However, this has been a challenging year for her because she lost an assistant coach who went to Minnesota and is now one game from a national title.

There is no doubt Kathy is enthusiastic about her program and a caring and very involved mentor, as well as coach, for her players.  She believes that passion and dreams are important.  One example of how this works is that there is a 100% graduation rate.  Volunteer service is a part of the players’ year and are willing to help when asked.

Kathy says she is blessed to be working at NMSU.  She laughed about how things improve—her building which has not had air conditioning for 30 years now has it and now they also have a flagpole!

Good luck in your coming games, Kathy!  (Tournament begins May 9.)

After the Program

Lya drew the six of diamonds for the pot.  Darn.  But she did win a Starbucks gift card which she said she would use at the airport on her way to the Seychelles.  The attendance for today was 41.  The meeting ended with the 4-Way Test.

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