2018-05-16, Wil Kilroy, NMSU Theater Arts

Past President Lyn Ames opened the meeting in the absence of President Lya Jordan who is on vacation.  Sherry Franzoy provided the invocation including a prayer for the family of Blaine Goss on the loss of daughter Melissa.  The Pledge was recited.  Earl Phillips led the singing of “God Bless America”.  The club participated in a Meet and Greet. 

Greg Fant is happy about four grads.  Bill Harty was smiling as he talked about the NMSU softball team who won their three games in the WAC tournament.  John Hernandez said he is happy to be here.  Larry Candelaria said that it is good something is always going on at NMSU and he appreciates this club.  Richelle Ponder gave a reminder about the Taste of Las Cruces, saying that it is coming up soon and everyone should get their tickets.  They have new restaurants coming.  Richelle is still looking for silent auction items.  Mark Santiago put in $11 for the eleven years he has been at the Farm and Ranch Museum.  This is the 20th anniversary of its opening.  John Pickett has attended the graduation of two of his family.  Gus Gandara announced the graduation of his son.  Patty Groth said that one of our student Rotarians, Jenisa Tilley, has been accepted into the pharmacy program.  Jim Scott is looking for a laptop.  (Barry Fisher has one for him.)  Mary Ellen McKay says as she ages, she looks more like her mother—which is better than looking like some of her other relatives! 

Fran Kemp, sponsored by Bill, was inducted into the club.  Richelle read the induction ceremony.

The Program

Wil Kilroy presented a lively program based on his life experiences in many places and many career achievements.  He has a BFA from the University of Rhode Island and a MFA from the University of Illinois.  Currently Wil is Managing Director of the American Southwest Theatre Company where he serves as Department Head for Theatre Arts.  He was department chair and professor at the University of Southern Maine and director of the Chekhov Theatre Institute for actors and teachers and the Theatre Academy for 13-18 year-olds.  He was granted emeritus status at USM in 2015. 

He told a wonderful story of his trip to New York as an 18-year-old to become an actor.  Mala Powers, an actress in many movies and TV shows, worked with him for some years.  He provided a glamour picture of her, saying that you would recognize her from older shows.  He talked about techniques of acting, including the Method and the use of imagination instead.

Wil talked about opportunities for New Mexico students 13-18 for a camp in June.  He told about hosting state-wide high school one-act plays every other year.

Four plays will be presented by the ASTC for 2018-2019 season.  The RIVER BRIDE (directed by Wil) will be in September; INSPECTING CAROL in November and December; SILENT SKY in February and March; and the musical MY FAIR LADY in April and May, 2019.  All performances will be at the ASNMSU for the Arts.  What a wide-ranging program!  Thank you, Wil.

After the Program

Patty reported that $231 is in the pot.  Sue Groth drew for the pot but did not find the joker or an ace.  She received a prize of 6 lottery tickets for the next drawing.

Thank you to Lyn Ames and Wil Kilroy for a good meeting.

The meeting closed with the 4-Way Test.

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