2018-05-30, Toys for Tots

The meeting was opened at 12:15 by Past President Christopher Dulany, acting in place of Lya Jordan who is on vacation.  The invocation was given by Sherry Franzoy and the Pledge was given by the whole club.  The two Frans (Boldt and Kemp) led the singing of “America” and “America the Beautiful.” 

Visiting Rotarian Mary Lee Shelton was introduced.  She is a member of the Juarez Campestre Rotary Club, an all-women’s club in Juarez.  There are 24 members who meet every Thursday evening at the Hotel Lucera I C. Juarez.  The primary project is building 3 to 6 houses each year for homeless individuals living in cardboard box houses.  The club is also very involved in the Rotary Friendship Exchange.  This year they have hosted Rotarians from South Africa, India and Russia.

Les Smith announced that he will be moving to San Marcos tomorrow.  This club will miss him.

John Pickett commented on the three state championships for the Aggies.  He says that there are none for either the Lobos or the Miners.  Barry Fisher is pleased to have his new car back after it was damaged.  Richelle again reminded members of the Taste of Las Cruces.  Patty Groth has tickets and the price of the tickets can be added to the monthly bill.  Mel Parish thanked people who have been so much help for him during his wife’s illness.  She is paralyzed from the waist down.  Larry Candelaria said his wife’s Lyme disease is getting better.  Jim Scott thanked Barry for the computer that Jim had asked for as Jim and his wife are moving to a new location close to Cottonbloom.

The Program

Patty said she would like the club to take on a service project for the coming year with Toys for Tots.  She introduced three members of the Marine League:  Joe Montoya, Andy Rivera, and Joe Mendiola.

They described what they do with the project.  Over 5,000 kids, ages one month to 18 years, from Santa Teresa to Garfield are provided Christmas gifts through 40 schools.  Gifts are donated, many from 120 boxes that are put up in the community around October 15.  The help needed is manpower hours to organize the gifts. Joe Montoya said they 5 to 6 people to “hold down the fort.”  An administration helper is needed.  One person would be required to take a trip to Quantico, VA, for training.  Toys (many, many of them) are bought locally.

Patty acknowledged that it is a big undertaking.  She showed pictures of the Toys for Tots project in Lake Havasu where she participated for 7 years.

After the Program

Patty said $74 was raised for school projects and the pot is at $258.  Kristi Granados won the chance to draw a card but she found only the 10 of clubs.  Her “special prize” was $5 which was good since she had given an IOU to buy her $5 worth of tickets in the first place.

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