2018-06-20, Lya and Jay Jordan, the Seychelles

President Lya returned from her vacation to the Seychelles. President Lya called the meeting to order at 12:09 pm. Lyn Ames lead the invocation and President Lya led the Pledge of Allegiance. Sue Groth along with Fran Kemp and Blaine Goss led us in singing “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” Visiting Rotarian Susan Hychka, from Lafayette, Indiana, was introduced and a meet and greet ensued.

Announcements & Happy Dollars

The mystery greeter was Fran and those not wearing their Rotary pin were fined.

Bill Harty reminded the club to sign up for a committee.

Mary Ellen McKay had happy bucks because she was glad to be back in Las Cruces. She reported that she was visiting her family in the Seattle area and that the weather averaged about 59 degrees. She also watched her granddaughter compete in field and track and watched her Grandson graduate.

Richelle Ponder and Daniel Payne each had jokes that drew many laughs.

President Lya and Jay Jordan had happy bucks to be back in Las Cruces.

Sue Groth reported that John Hernandez had been in and out of the hospital over the last few weeks. He is back home now and doing well.

The Program

Jay Jordan presented the program on his and Lya’s recent trip to the Seychelles. The Seychelles Islands are officially the Republic of Seychelles and are made up of more than 100 islands. The islands are east of Mombasa, Kenya and near Madagascar. The islands were originally apart of the continent Gondwana which connected Africa and India 225 million years ago. During the fourteenth century the Islands became inhabited by French pirates and slave traders. After the war of 1812 the Islands became part of the United Kingdom until 1976 when the Seychelles proclaimed independence and formed a sovereign nation.

Today there are about 95,000 permanent residents and the primary sources of employment are tourism and tuna fishing. Many Europeans visit and account for a large part of the tourism industry. There is a full size airport that is equipped to handle large passenger planes and most flights to the islands are out of the United Arab Emirates.

There is a large amount of work being down in conservation of the coral reefs around the islands. The coral reef formed about 10 million years ago. Jay showed the club many pictured of the flower that are found on the island such as the Hibiscus, Orchids, African Flame Lilly, Crown of Thorns, Tropical Bird of Paradise, Red Powder Puff and the Rose of Venezuela. Jay passed around the Coco De Mer or Sea Coconut. The Coco De Mer is unique to the Seychelles, is a member of the palm family and mature seeds are the world’s heaviest.

Jay also told us how he ended up in the Seychelles. Jay was a student working with satellites and at a specific installation for NMSU on the Seychelles Islands. He eventually became a staff member and along the way he met Lya. 


After the Program

Patty Groth reported that $108 was raised for School Projects. Patty also announced that Paul Comeau is going to be made an Honorary Member after 45 years of service. Patty announced that at the last board meeting the Toys for Tots initiative was approved. Visiting Rotarian Susan drew the winning ticket and her winning card was the eight of diamonds. Her winnings included a dice game. President Lya closed the meeting with the four-way test.  

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