2018-06-27, Club Assembly, Year End & Induction of Officers

President Lya Jordan called the meeting to order at 12:08 p.m., Jim Parks lead the invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Guests as well as our visiting Rotarian, Susan Hychka were introduced. John Pickett got the Happy $ flowing in honor of Mexico being happy that Korea beat Germany which resulted in Mexico staying in the World Cup. Greg Fant was happy for Caroline covering Spokes & Cogs the last two weeks as well as seeing his grandkids. Larry Candelaria was happy that his wife kept her promise and joined him today for the meeting. Chris Dulany seemed to be pretty happy about Larry’s pink socks, more seriously he was also happy for all of the great work Lya had done as President. Patty was happy that her role would be changing from Executive Secretary to President.

The Program

President Lya began the program by acknowledging all of the help she received during her term as President. First and foremost was Jay. She then presented Larry Candelaria his Blue Badge – congratulations Larry! Perfect attendance awards were presented to Lyn Ames, Fran Boldt, Patty Groth, Sue Groth, Jay Jordan, Lya Jordan, and Richelle Ponder. A special service award was given to Don Dresp for 35 years of perfect attendance.

Bill Harty received the President’s award with special thanks going to Fran Boldt for playing piano, John Pickett for the multiple wonderful projects, and Patty Groth for her partnership as Executive Secretary.

With the installation of the new officers, Richelle gave a sweet introduction, literally. A special candy was given to each officer such as a Milky Way for the President as the principal star in our galaxy and a Payday for the treasurer. All members got a peppermint patty in marking the start of our own President Patty’s term. John Pickett then installed the officers and board members. 


Patty Groth


Daniel Payne


Bill Harty


Lya Jordan

Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

Bob Seaton

Immediate Past President

Lya Jordan

Club Service Director

Lyn Ames

Membership Directors

Jay Jordan, Caroline Zamora

Public Relations Director

Terry McGinnity

Rotary Foundation Director

Kristi Granados

Service Projects Director

Ted Shelton

Youth Service Director

Sue Groth

Patty took over as President, thanking Lya for her service by presenting her past President’s pin and gavel. She also updated the club on the efforts to take a lead role with the Toys for Tots program. Since this was the last meeting of the year, it was our club’s New Year’s Eve. Champagne was distributed during the can report. We raised $30 for school projects and the pot was up to $337. Mary Ellen had the winning ticket but her Queen of Diamonds fell short on winning the pot.

The club then toasted the New Year and sang Auld Lang Syne. Lya announced that she had been nominated to serve as Assistant Governor in 2019-20. The club is very supportive of this honor. Patty closed the meeting with the Four-Way Test.

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Guests of Rotarians



Freddy Dresp

Don Dresp

Connie Candelaria

Larry Candelaria

Marty Swafford

Richelle Ponder

Hattie Geisel

Sue & Patty Groth

Dave and Pat Dryden

Sue & Patty Groth

Visiting Rotarians


Home Club

Susan Hychka

Lafayette, IN

Student Guests




it's summer!









Member Birthday
James M. Scott July 1
Bobby J. Rankin July 5
Lya Jordan July 12
Steve Loman July 18

Wedding Anniversaries-July

Member Spouse Wedding Anniversary Years
Mark Santiago Dawn July 2 35 years
William P. Harty Jr. Jennifer Munson July 16 30 years
Russell Allen Diana July 29 29 years
Jeffrey Brown Cherri Hudson-Brown July 31 38 years

Club Anniversaries-July

Member Club Anniversary Tenure
Lya Jordan July 1 10 years
Barbara Nelson July 17 16 years

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