2018-07-11, Joe Bullock, "Walking with Herb"

President Patty Groth opened our meeting at 12:10 p.m. Larry Candelaria did the invocation. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Daniel Payne led us in singing “God Bless America.” Earl Phillips, Richelle Ponder and Greg Fant introduced their guests. We had no visiting Rotarians, three guests of Rotarians, and no high school students. A hearty meet & greet session followed. Don Dresp was the mystery greeter.

Happy Bucks: A number of folks had happy dollars for the can. Jeff Brown was happy for his wife’s birthday and his children. Greg Fant was happy to have his wife at the meeting. Mary Ellen McKay bragged about her granddaughter’s high level performances in a recent track meet. Charles and Lya kicked in a buck or two for things inaudible to this reporter’s ears. Mark Santiago was happy for his wife’s birthday. Gary and Charlotte went on an Israel tour, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Kristi Granados also bragged about her granddaughter’s track & field prowess. Daniel Payne put $20 in the can because he was “mighty glad to be here.” Larry Candelaria was thankful for our club officers. Bill Harty was happy for his new club assignment. Patty Groth was happy about an upcoming Groth family reunion in California. 

The Program—Joe Bullock, “Walking with Herb”

Daniel Payne introduced Joe Bullock, a local banker, who has written a book entitled Walking with Herb. Famous professional golfer Bernhard Langer endorsed the book. Furthermore, the book will be the basis for a new movie being produced this year by our own local film company. Famous actors will be hired, in addition to NM talent. Ross Marks will be the director. It should be released in time for the 2019 Easter season. 

Within a 30 day shoot, the film will be shot in Las Cruces at Red Hawk Golf Course, at a driving range, and in Artesia NM. It will be completed in time for the 2019 International Film Festival.

Shooting for the film will begin in September 2018. The storyline is based on Joe’s book wherein God assigns Herb to train a college boy to play like a champion. The budget for the project is currently funded by 20 benefactors, who will own the film. The film will be a faith-based project.  90% of the film’s profit will go to the church. Only 10% will be retained by the benefactors.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the film’s release…Another reason for local pride.

After the Program

Patty Groth announced that we raised $94 for school projects and that the pot for the card drawing game was valued at $352. Steve Loman failed to draw a winning card. Next week, we do it again.

The meeting was closed with the 4-Way Test.

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