2018-07-18, Randy Larcher, New Mexico State Police

President Patty Groth opened our meeting at 12:07 p.m. Larry Candelaria gave the invocation. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Daniel Payne led us in singing “America the Beautiful.” Next, came our meet & greet time. Earl Phillips introduced his wife, Mary Phillips. Bobby Rankin’s daughter, Trina Davis, was also a guest.  We had one visiting Rotarian--Phil Benson from the Rio Grande club. There were no high school student guests. A spirited “meet & greet” session followed. Larry Candelaria was the mystery greeter.

Happy Bucks: A number of folks had happy dollars for the can. Steve Loman was happy about turning 70 this week. Barry Fisher told of meeting an old high school chum. They had fun recollecting old-times. Bill Harty was happy to be celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary. Richelle Ponder recalled that she is sometimes seen walking down Picacho Ave. as some working girls do. This was a setup for her joke for the NM State Police.

Jim Parks was happy that his sons and their families have been separately visiting Jim and Jacque this last month or so. Jim Gerwels kicked in a buck or two to honor Richelle. Larry Candelaria was happy to be with us today, Patty Groth was happy for fond memories from her recent California trip. During a trip to a nearby winery, Patty was asked if she knew Eddie Groth!

Announcements: Melanie, our waitress, gave birth to a baby girl. Both are doing fine. I know for certain that the newborn’s name is not Richelle or Blaine. Patty announced that we are going to encourage “classification talks” from long standing members as well as new members. Some of us have been retired so long, we may not remember what we did for a living. Finally, Don Dresp was given a pin for perfect attendance.  Yea, Don.

The Program—Randy Larcher, New Mexico State Police

Daniel Payne introduced Randy Larcher (Mayfield High graduate) who is in charge of detective police training at the academy in Santa Fe. Randy’s message covered the different skill sets that police officers should develop to be better public servants. Attitudes and behaviors reveal a lot about a person, thus being aware of how “you come across” is critical.

Officers are expected to present themselves in a favorable way to the pubic. Skills they must have range from writing and speaking skills to personal ethics.  Thus, the academy focuses skill sets that reflect the positive character of the officer.  Leaning on motivational writings from well-known motivational authors, the academy training helps one to have a mindset wherein the officers truly want to learn new ideas everyday.

Officers are encouraged to have attitudes that facilitate positive public perceptions of the members of the police force. Graduates of the academy are expected to have personal growth goals that encompass: physical goals, mental goals, social goals and spiritual goals.

Skill sets for police officers are not to be assumed.  Academy graduates are encouraged to inspect their personal habits, both good ones and bad ones. In all of these things, state police officers should be perceptive enough to rigorously track their progress. In this way officers learn their strengths and weaknesses. It also reminds us that we are never “complete.”  Growth is not something that ends.

After the Program

Patty Groth announced that we raised $135 for Clothe the Child and that the pot for the card drawing game was valued at $375. Jeff Brown’s red ticket was drawn, but he drew the 2 of clubs from the deck, not one of the Jokers. Next week, we do it again. 

The meeting was closed with the 4-Way Test.

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