2018-07-25, Club Assembly

President Patty Groth opened our meeting at 12:10 p.m. Larry Candelaria gave the invocation. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. We sang “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”  Andy Taylor introduced his son Evan.  Next, came our meet & greet time. Lyn Ames was the mystery greeter. There were no high school student guests.

Happy Bucks: A number of folks had happy dollars for the can. Jay Jordan threw in an undisclosed amount of cash in honor of Lya’s birthday. Robert Seaton was happy that his wife Linda was coming home this week. Steve Loman was glad that the grandkids caught plenty of fish on a recent trip. Mary Ellen McKay bragged that her granddaughter tossed the hammer at a national track meet and placed third in the nation. Ana Mangino kicked in $4 to the can. Kristi Granados was happy after going to Disneyland.  She also took a moment to quiz the club members on who the new RI President is. Patty Groth acknowledged Jardin de los Niños and an Eagle Scout with her contribution to the can.

Announcements: Mel Parish was in attendance today.  The club offers condolences on the passing of Sunny.

The Program—Classification Talks & Rotary Foundation

Fran Kemp gave the first talk. Raised as an “Army brat,” Fran moved around a lot as a child. She even spent time at WSMR. The most unique family move was to a town near Fairbanks AK.  As a adult she has been the organist at her church, a librarian at a school.  She also worked for Ken Van Winkle at NMSU. She even served in the NMSU Music Dept. office. Happily retired, but still serving others, Fran is glad to be back in our club, not as a paid pianist, but a cohort in membership.

Steve Loman gave the second talk.  Steve has been a local businessman all his adult life. He joined Rotary in the mid-70s. Steve was a finance major in college. He supported his wife, Janet, in her educational pursuits, leading to the only Dr. Loman in the house. Back to Steve’s vocation, Steve found his finance major helpful in his current businesses which he owns.”What do I do?” said Steve. He is involved with 9 different local businesses. Among them are a body shop and self-storage units.  He hires the best people he can, and pays them a decent wage. His post-formal education has taught him that even your best employees can fall prey to embezzlement.

Bill Harty was the third speaker. He has been a longtime supporter of the RI Foundation.  After sharing with us a brief history of the Foundation, Bill renewed our understanding of how we participate in the Foundation’s efforts.  EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) is an initiative in which local club members give $100 a year to the Foundation. These monies are invested for three years then released to provide grants for projects at the district level and international level.

John Pickett illustrated how the foundation has funded two projects in Kampala, Uganda. One was for a new dormitory at a school and the other was for a computer lab.

Polio Plus, a program we all know about, is funded by your money.  Polio is almost gone from the earth.  “There are less than 100 cases left in the world.”  Sounds good to me.

After the Program

Patty Groth announced that we raised $104 for Clothe the Child and that the pot for the card drawing game was valued at $393. Caroline Zamora’s red ticket was drawn, but she did not find a joker in the deck. Next week, we do it again. 

In addition, Patty announced that whenever a club Rotarian brings a potential member to our meeting, the club will pay for the guest lunches (for 3X).

The meeting was closed with the 4-Way Test.

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