2018-08-01, John Pickett, Crosstown

President Patty Groth called the meeting to order at 12:07 pm. Richelle Ponder gave the invocation, Charlotte Brockway led us in song with the "Star-Spangled Banner." We sang "Happy Birthday" to our fellow Rotarians and wished those with Anniversaries a Happy Anniversary. A notable Anniversary was Don who has been in the Club for 47 years. Larry Candeleria’s wife, Connie Candelaria, was his guest, John Pickett had a guest, Taylene Jacko, and Steve Loman had two guests, his wife, Dr. Janet Loman (who was also introduced the previous week by Caroline), and their grandson, Will Schroeder. We also had a visiting Rotarian from the Rio Grande Club, Buffy Johnson. A long program was planned, so we waved at each other for the meet and greet.

Announcements & Happy Dollars: Steve Loman fined several Rotarians who forgot to put on their name badges. Jeffrey Brown had happy bucks for his 36th Wedding Anniversary. Jim Parks had happy bucks for his 56th wedding anniversary in memory of friend Sunny (Mel) Parish. Visiting Rotarian, Buffy Johnson, had happy bucks in memory of Don Buck from the Rio Grande Club who passed away and was a Rotarian for 33 years. Don would occasionally join our club for make-ups. There is a board meeting on Thursday, August 9 at noon at The Game on Espina St. Bill Harty announced Mark Santiago as a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow. Kristy Granados asked a question regarding the Rotarian publication, where is the President of Rotary from? Fran Kemp answered correctly with the Bahamas.

The Program

John Pickett presented the program on Crosstown. A non-profit organization he created in 2012 when he stepped down from pastoral ministry after 42 years. Crosstown organizes churches to use their resources collectively to help the community. Crosstown has several principles, the first is Service Above Self. Crosstown utilizes Asset Based Community Development. This differs from Needs Based Community Development that tends to categorize people and limit creativity. Asset Based Community Development leads to the second principle, identify and energize the assets of your community. There are many assets in the community such as churches, clubs, grocery stores, etc. Bringing assets together was one of the first steps in a large project like Convoy of Hope. Convoy of Hope in it’s first year served 5000 people and 30 churches and organization participated. In it’s second year served 8000 people and 80 churches and organization participated. But these were one off events, there was no lasting impact. Families and those who benefited were there for a few hours.

So Crosstown has tried to focus on programs that will have a longer lasting effect such as Dress a Child. Where those who are giving back and those who benefit can meet and get to know one another. Another event is Soles4Souls. This program again connects the families who are benefiting with their sponsors to build relationships and a longer lasting impact. Crosstown has also been working with prisons to help reintroduce those who have been incarcerated back into everyday life through training programs that teach skills.  

After the Program

Patty Groth gave the can report that was $118 and is for the Arrowhead Robotics Club. Patty suspiciously had the winning ticket and drew the Ace of Spades and a prize winning of $20. The meeting was closed with the Four-Way Test.

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