2018-08-15, District Governor Linda Woodward

President Patty Groth called the meeting to order at 12:08.  Richelle Ponder led us in the invocation, thanking the master of the universe for giving the gift of forgiveness.  We pledged allegiance to the flag.  Charlotte Brockway and Fran Boldt led us in singing the first verse of the U.S. Navy Hymn.  Steve Loman introduced his guest Chibuzo Chilalea, and Richelle Ponder introduced her husband and guest Marty Swafford.  She referred to our President as Peppermint Patty.  Patty introduced club guests Linda Woodward (District 5520 Governor) and Sunny Kellerman (Assistant Governor). We greeted our fellow Rotarians.  We did not have a mystery greeter this week. 

Announcements and Happy Dollars: Patty noted that fines and happy dollars would help an Arrowhead Robotics team.  Kristi Granados announce that she will see her grandchild, and for the weekly Rotarian quiz she asked us about the Clifton Park N.J. club’s rolling commode-and-outhouse competition.  Her motto was “think outside the box.”  Greg Fant was excited that today is the first day of college classes, and he said that the Pride Band will perform at 5:00 on Sunday outside Corbett Center.  Rynni Henderson announced the deadline for Gannett grants.  Patty announced tickets for the La Tienda Fashion Show that helps Jardin de los Ninos.  Jim Scott said that it was great for all to be here in memory of John Hernandez.  Larry Candelaria announced that his wife has a minor medical problem, but does not have worse conditions that they had feared.  Fran Boldt thanked Sunny for distributing our Rotary “Be the Inspiration” pins and was happy that school has resumed.  Bill Harty reminded the club that we will give our new Paul Harris awards in two weeks.  Patty announced a quick Board meeting today, said that the Toys for Tots Committee would meet on Friday, and that Matt Holt would discuss the “Dress the Child” campaign at our next meeting.  She awarded Fran Kemp her club blue badge, and she gave Paul Harris Plus Two pins to Gary and Charlotte Brockway. 

The Program

District Governor Linda Woodward gave the presentation.  She began Rotary membership at our club when she was sponsored by the late Doug Rains, and is now a member of the Anthony club.  She discussed the importance of fellowship and inspiration in service to the community, and showed us a quilt and cap that are part of a District project to provide soldiers in Afghanistan with warm winter clothing. 

The Governor thanked our club for its many projects.  She thanked Caroline Zamora for her work to help establish a satellite club.  She introduced Sunny Kellerman, who described her own roles as a liaison between clubs and the District; as a resource for club members; and as the person who works with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor Mike Hackett.  Governor Linda thanked Barry Fisher for his participation in Friendship Exchange and urged us to participate in similar exchanges. 

She proudly noted that Rotary has reduced world-wide polio to 13 new cases, and said that we must maintain the program to stop the disease’s renewed spread.  She thanked Larry Candelaria when he discussed possible future interactions with Argentina, and said that R.I. President Barry Rassin will join a joint meeting of Districts 5520 and 4110 in El Paso early in 2019.  She urged us to attend, and to invite Rotaract and Interact students to display their projects.  She urged us to believe in ourselves and to live the Four Way Test.

After the Program

Our can had $54 today.  Sunny Kellerman had the winning ticket, and she won a box of Junior Mints.  The meeting closed with the Four Way Test.

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