2018-08-22, Matt Holt, Dress the Child

President Patty Groth called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m. Larry Candelaria gave the invocation. Patty led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Charlotte Brockway led us in song and we honored the Air Force and those who served. Bobby Rankin had a guest, Trina Rankin. Matt Holt was a visiting Rotarian, and a meet and greet ensued.

Announcements & Happy Dollars

Steve Loman fined several Rotarians who forgot their pins. Blaine Goss had happy bucks and a joke for his upcoming birthday. Mark Santiago announced the Farm and Ranch Museum’s Community Appreciation Day on Saturday. Gary Brockway praised the NMSU Pride Marching Band. John Pickett announced that he was in Gallup with his granddaughter and also visited with Bobby Rankin’s son. Fran announced that it would have been her mother’s 100th Birthday. Steve Loman put happy bucks in the can because there are only 13 years until Don reaches his 100th Birthday. Mel Parish was happy to report that his children are proud that he hasn’t destroyed the house this past month without Sunny. Larry Candelaria had happy bucks for his 42nd wedding anniversary. Patty Groth announced that she will be visiting the NMSU Rotaract club on Monday. Patty also thanked Fran for working on the Piano. Bill Harty announced that the Aggie games are in full swing for volleyball and football. Bill also announced that he is officially the permanent Chief Financial Officer for Tresco.

The Program

Matt Holt, our visiting Rotarian, presented the program on Dress the Child. Matt began his journey as a Rotarian with our club over 20 years ago. Matt is currently a member of the Rio Grande Club.

Dress the Child began with the Las Cruces club with Tom Mobley and Doug Rains. In its first year they helped 15 kids, then the second year they helped 22 kids. And the project has continued to grow. Doug passed away in 2009 and his hope was to help 500 kids. That year they helped 509 kids. The following year they helped 440 kids. Last year 540 children participated in Dress a Child and each child spends $100.

To identify children in need they rely on the school and in particular the school social workers and counselors. The idea is that children and the counselors know which children are in need of clothes because they see the children who are wearing the same clothes over and over again. The only information Dress the Child needs is the child’s name so they can be identified on the shopping day. The children are given a day, time and store location to show up to.

To find volunteers they rely on sheer dumb luck. Some years they are scrambling to find volunteers and other years they are turning away student athlete volunteers from NMSU. With the help of John Pickett they rely on volunteers from churches and our Rotary Club.

Funding Dress the Child has done well with funding. There is no overhead and costs about $47,000. Kohls and Old Navy sell them the $100 gift cards for only $90 up front. Then the assigned shopping days happen on days those stores are already having huge sales. Some events and corporate sponsors are vital to the program. There is a group of local chefs who put on a dinner for $250 people for $65 a person. Last year this event raised $13,000 for Dress the Child. Then there are also funds raised through local organizations such as ours.

After the Program

Can report was $43 for the Arrowhead Robotics Club. The pot was $435. Dr. Seaton drew the winning ticket, #944 and our program presenter, Matt, had the winning ticket. Matt had the 7 of hearts and won a Family Feud card game. The meeting closed with the Four Way Test.

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