Club Service Directors/Committees

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Club Service, Director Lyn Ames

Chaplain, Chair Jim Parks

  • Members: Charlotte Brockway (May), Larry Candelaria (Jul), Sherry Franzoy (Jun), Kristi Granados (Oct, Feb), Ana Mangino (Sep, Jan), Jim Maxon (Nov, Mar), Mary Ellen McKay (Dec), John Pickett (Apr), Richelle Ponder (Aug)
  • The chaplain committee provides individuals to lead invocations at each meeting of the club. 

Music, Chair Earl Phillips (Oct)

  • Members: Fran Boldt (Sep), Charlotte Brockway (Aug), Greg Fant (Apr), Blaine Goss (May), Patty Groth (Mar), Fran Kemp (Jan, Jun), Wanda Mattiace (Sep), Jim Maxon (Nov, Feb), Daniel Payne (Jul), John Pickett (Dec)
  • The music committee enlivens Rotary meetings by stimulating fellowship through song.  The committee provides entertaining and appropriate music for each Rotary gathering. 

Programs, Chair Daniel Payne (Jul) 

  • Members:  John Pickett (Aug), Gus Gandara (Sep), Ted Shelton (Oct), Richelle Ponder (Nov), Jim Maxon (Dec), Gary Esslinger (Jan), Jim Parks & Lyn Ames (Feb), Charlotte Brockway (May), TBD (Mar, Apr, Jun)
  • The programs committee arranges programs for the regular and special meetings of the club, designing and balancing these programs to illustrate all the Rotary Avenues of Service, and conforming them to Rotary standards regarding Rotary and politics.  This committee is chaired by the president-elect. 

Sergeant at Arms, Chair Steve Loman

  • Members: Christopher Dulany, James Gerwels, Jay Jordan, Lya Jordan, Keith Houser, Daniel Payne
  • The sergeant at arms committee ensures the room is prepared for meetings, informs the President about member’s contributions to the community, and levies and collects appropriate fines. 

Bylaws (as needed), Chair Mark Santiago

  • Members: Bill Harty
  • The bylaws committee meets on an ad hoc basis to review and recommend possible changes to the club bylaws.  

Food Liaison, Chair Ana Mangino

  • Members: Earl Phillips
  • The food liaison committee manages the relationship between the club and the room and meal provider for meetings. 

Nominating, Chair Lya Jordan

  • Members:  Christopher Dulany, Bill Harty, Ana Mangino, Richelle Ponder, and Jay Jordan
  • The nominating committee consists of the most recent six club past-Presidents active in club membership, and is chaired by the most recent past-President active in the club.  The committee meets in October to nominate a slate of club officers and directors to be considered for election in December to serve the following Rotary year, beginning July 1. 

(as of July 12, 2018)