Club Service

Club Service I, Director Bob Seaton

Chaplain, Chair Bill Wheeler (Jul, May)

  • Members: Jodie Brdecko (Nov, Jun), Kristi Granados (Oct, Feb), Ana Mangino (Sep, Jan), Jim Maxon (Mar), Mary Ellen McKay (Aug, Apr), John Pickett (Dec)
  • The chaplain committee provides individuals to lead invocations at each meeting of the club. 

Music, Chair Earl Phillips (Mar)

  • Members: Paul Comeau (Jul, Apr), Janet Green (Sep), Patty Groth (Oct, May), Denton Holmes (Aug, Jun), Jim Maxon (Feb), John Pickett (Nov, Jan), Ross Ramsey (Dec)
  • The music committee enlivens Rotary meetings by stimulating fellowship through song.  The committee provides entertaining and appropriate music for each Rotary gathering. 

Programs, Chair Christopher Dulany

  • Members:  Jodie Brdecko (Jul), Greg Fant (Aug), Les Smith (Sep), Sherry Franzoy (Oct), Richelle Ponder (Nov), Bill Harty (Dec), Kristi Granados (Jan), Steve Loman (Feb), Jay Jordan (Mar), Mark Santiago (Apr), Bob Seaton (May), Glenn Duff  (Jun)
  • The programs committee arranges programs for the regular and special meetings of the club, designing and balancing these programs to illustrate all the Rotary Avenues of Service, and conforming them to Rotary standards regarding Rotary and politics.  This committee is chaired by the president-elect. 

Spokes & Cogs, Chair Blaine Goss (Jul, Jan)

  • Members:  Bill Brogan (Nov, May), Greg Fant (Dec, Jun), Kristi Granados (Aug, Feb), Bill Harty (Sep, Mar), Jay Jordan (Oct, Apr)
  • The Spokes & Cogs committee produces the weekly newsletter that serves for each meeting as a printed program and an accurate historical record. 

Club Service II, Director Sherry Franzoy

Attendance Committee, Chair Mary Ellen McKay

  • Members:  Jay Jordan, Lya Jordan, Mark Santiago
  • The attendance committee promotes attendance of members at regular meetings, promotes make up for missed meetings, and finds remedies for poor attendance. 

Food Liaison, Co-chairs Janet Green and Ana Mangino

  • The food liaison committee manages the relationship between the club and the room and meal provider for meetings. 

Nominating, Chair Bill Harty

  • Members:  Ana Mangino, Ross Ramsey, Richelle Ponder, Jay Jordan, and John Pickett
  • The nominating committee consists of the most recent six club past-Presidents active in club membership, and is chaired by the most recent past-President active in the club.  The committee meets in October to nominate a slate of club officers and directors to be considered for election in December to serve the following Rotary year, beginning July 1. 

Public Relations, Chair tbd

  • Members:  Philip Braker, Bill Harty, Denton Holmes
  • The public relations committee disseminates information about the club’s activities through the local media.  This includes such activities as student guests, upcoming programs, and newsworthy events. 

Sergeant at Arms, Chair Steve Loman

  • Members: Christopher Dulany, Keith Houser, Jay Jordan, David Yaryan
  • The sergeant at arms committee ensures the room is prepared for meetings, informs the President about member’s contributions to the community, and levies and collects appropriate fines. 

Club Service III, Director Bill Brogan

Charitable Funds, Chair Mark Santiago

  • Members: Bill Brogan, Bill Harty, Bill Wheeler
  • The charitable funds committee oversees the deposit and use of charitable funds raised by or through the club. 

Fellowship, Chair Christopher Dulany

  • Members: Lyn Ames, Jim Parks, Charles Townley
  • The fellowship committee promotes an atmosphere of cordiality and hospitality to members, visiting Rotarians, and guests.  The committee welcomes members and guests at regular meetings, and conducts activities to promote fellowship within the club. 

Financial Review, Chair Bill Harty

  • Members:  Patty Groth
  • The financial review committee conducts an annual internal “auditing” of the club financial reports, and oversees preparation of the annual federal tax return of the club. 

Membership/Classification, Chair Ted Shelton

  • Members:  Lyn Ames, Alex Keatts
  • The membership and classification committee considers all proposals for membership, investigating the character of those proposed, evaluating personal eligibility and community standing, and recommending action to the board of directors.  The committee also counsels with the board on all classification matters. 

New Member Orientation, Chair Sue Groth

  • Members: Blaine Goss, Bill Harty
  • The new member committee participates in the orientation of those joining the club, encouraging and assisting them into fully participating membership. 

(updated May 22, 2016--please contact me if you see errors or omissions)