In The Rotarian

The Rotarian is the monthly magazine of Rotary International.  Recently, RI has worked with Google Books to make available an online archive of all issues of the magazine.  Over the years, the Rotary Club of Las Cruces and its members have been included in the magazine many times.  Click on the covers below to see those mentions of our club in The Rotarian.  Please email us if you find others so we can include them. 

February 1924
New Rotary Clubs

June 1925
Facts and Figures from the District Conferences

January 1926
Among Our Letters: Don't Forget Our Smaller Clubs, Francis E. Lester

September 1927
Rotary Club Activities: International Meeting Every Three Months


April 1936
As The Wheel Turns: Trippers

February 1939
Our Readers' Open Forum, Heed Opera-Goers' Preferences, Rev. Henry D. Buchanan

June 1940
The Scratchpad Man visits the Rotary Roundup at Albuquerque, Past District Governor R. E. McBride

March 1943
Scratchpaddings: In Algiers




November 1945
Scratchpaddings: Gift

April 1948
Limerick Corner

June 1948
Their Holes-in-One Ranged Up to 312 Yards

May 1951
Rotary Reporter: U. S. Savings Bond Drive




January 1955
Personalia: Light

December 1957
Reflections on a Merry Christmas!

June 1958
Rotary Reporter: Border-Hopping Down South

June 1959
Rotary Foundation Contributions



January 1961
These Rotarians: Rotarian Honors, William B. O'Donnell

May 1961
These Rotarians: Rotarian Honors, Warren Woodson

June 1963
The Indispensible Travelling Companion, Margaret Page Hood

February 1966
Why I'm Glad My Husband is a Rotarian, Honorable Mention, Margaret P. Hood


August 1967
Rotary Authors: Harvey Jacobs

February 1973
These Rotarians: Rotarian Honors, Harvey Jacobs

September 1973
Your Letters: Giant Daisies: 'Gaily Rioting', Margaret Page Hood

December 1973
Tribute to 22!




December 1978
By The Way: Nika Hazelton's October article, poem by Margaret Hood

April 1979
This Rotary World: Books, a School's Lifeblood

December 1983
Your Letters: Soviet Propaganda inappropriate in TR, Stanislav A. Ausky

October 1984
The Rotary Foundation, 'Nifty' Planning Nets Record Endowment Support

July 1989
These Rotarians: Club Honors Planet Discoverer

May 1990
Volunteers of Vision in Mexico

April 1992
Your Letters: Night Shift Narcosis, Lynford Ames

January 1996
These Rotarians: Dedication of the Klipsch School at NMSU



December 1998
Anniversary Clubs