Leadership 2012-13

Rotary Leadership for 2012-13

Rotary International President Sajuki Tanaka
District 5520 Governor (blog) Mark Glenn
Assistant Governor Pam Lillibridge

Sajuki Tanaka                         
          President Tanaka               District Governor Glenn    Assistant Governor Lillibridge

Rotary Club of Las Cruces Officers and Directors

President Eddie Groth  
President-elect Ana Mangino  
Secretary Bill Harty  
Treasurer Paulina Salopek  
Assistant secretary-treasurer Christopher Dulany
Director (term ending 06/2014) Blaine Goss
Director (term ending 06/2014) Wanda Mattiace  
Director (term ending 06/2014) John Strebler
Director (term ending 06/2013) Alex Keatts
Director (term ending 06/2013) Barbara Law
Director (term ending 06/2013) Mel Parish
Director (term ending 06/2013) Mark Santiago  
Immediate past president Ross Ramsey  
Executive secretary Lya Jordan

NOTE: With the May passing of President Eddie Groth, with the concurrence of the board the 2013-14 officers assumed those offices (Ana Mangino-president, Bill Harty-president-elect, Christopher Dulany-secretary, Alex Keatts-assistant secretary/treasurer) for the remainder of this year.  Alex Keatts' unexpired term on the board will be filled by Kari Shepan, who will then continue as Vocational Service Director for 2013-14. 

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2012-13 Board(from left, Ross Ramsey, Eddie Groth, Mel Parish, Bill Harty, John Strebler, Barbara Law, Ana Mangino, Blaine Goss, Chris Dulany, Alex Keatts)