Membership Director/Committees

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Membership, Directors Jay Jordan and Caroline Zamora

Fellowship, Chair TBD

  • Members: Lyn Ames, Fran Boldt, Christopher Dulany, Barry Fisher, Rynni Henderson, Ana Mangino
  • The fellowship committee promotes an atmosphere of cordiality and hospitality to members, visiting Rotarians, and guests.  The committee welcomes members and guests at regular meetings, and conducts activities to promote fellowship within the club. 

Member Outreach Committee, Chair TBD

  • Members:  Ana Mangino
  • The member outreach committee promotes regular Rotary attendance and maintains contact with individual Rotarians (birthday cards, get well cards, etc.). 

Membership Recruitment, Chair Jay Jordan

  • Members:  Christopher Dulany, Lya Jordan, Ted Shelton
  • The membership recruitment committee considers all proposals for membership, investigating the character of those proposed, evaluating personal eligibility and community standing, and recommending action to the board of directors.  

New Member Orientation, Chair Jay Jordan

  • Members:  Gary Brockway, Blaine Goss, Lya Jordan, Mary Ellen McKay
  • The new member orientation committee oversees the orientation of those joining the club, encouraging and assisting them into fully participating membership. 

(as of July 1, 2018)