Online Make-Ups from Around the World

Please feel free to use any of these site for "make ups" whenever you miss a meeting.

Since these clubs are Internet based...they cannot draw on a local community for support of service projects. As a result, the make-up programs on these websites are the primary fundraising means they have to support their Rotary projects. In the spirit of Rotarian service, they may ask that you please consider making a donation that would be equal to the price of your weekly Rotary meeting.

To start, you choose a make up program to read or watch. Upon completing your make up program, fill out the attendance form on the bottom of the program and click submit. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot request multiple make ups at once. If you need more make ups, please come back and read some more material. Some of the sites may require Google Translate

Enjoy learning more about Rotary around the world.

eClub of the Southwest USA, Arizona

eClub One, Colorado

eClub NextGen, Australia

eClub of Southeast USA and Caribbean, Florida

eClub of Canada One, Canada

eClub of East Anglia, Britain

eClub of South Africa One, South Africa

eClub Turkiye, Turkey