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Rotary, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention launched the Global Polio Eradication Initiative in 1988, building on Rotary's Polio Plus program begun in 1985.  In 2007, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation joined Rotary in its commitment to ending polio.

Since 2013, the Gates Foundation has matched every $1 Rotary commits to polio eradication 2-to-1, up to $35 million per year.  Rotary, with matching funds from the Gates Foundation, has contributed more than $1.6 billion to end polio.

Since we started the fight against polio, we've reduced the number of polio cases by 99.9 percent and reached more than 2.5 billion children with the vaccine.  There are fewer polio cases today than ever before, but we will not stop until we reach zero.  If polio is not eradicated, hundreds of thousands of children could be paralyzed.  Global health care costs would rise dramatically, and many children's quality of life would be drastically diminished.  

Join us in the fight to end polio.  Help us save lives and give chlldren a chance at a prosperous future. <return to main polio page   polio news and stories>

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Over twenty years following Rotary's efforts...

(May 25, 2018)  Why It's So Hard To Wipe Out Polio In Pakistan

(May 18, 2018)  Pakistan Still Struggles To Eradicate Polio

(January 23, 2018)  Pakistan Raises Its Guard After 2 Polio Vaccinators Are Gunned Down

(December 25, 2017)  Race to Eradicate Guinea Worm And Polio Experienced Roadblocks In 2017

(October 24, 2017)  VIDEOS: Look Who's Talking About Polio Over A Cup Of Coffee

(October 20, 2017)  Webcast: Can The World Finally Wipe Out Polio? 

(June 28, 2017)  Mutant Strains Of  Polio Vaccine Now Cause More Paralysis Than WIld Polio

(October 24, 2016)  He Was Fragile, Skinny ... And Stubborn: A Polio Survivor's Story

(September 14, 2016)   How Boko Haram Is Keeping Polio Alive in Nigeria

(August 12, 2016)  Polio Rears Its Head Again In Africa 

(April 18, 2016)  New Polio Vaccine Rollout Comes With A Big Risk 

(April 17, 2016)  New Polio Vaccine Rolled Out In Massive Synchronized Worldwide Switch

(January 15, 2016)  Why Terrorists Are Targeting 'Unsung Heroes' 

(January 4, 2016)  Global Health Forecast For 2016: Which Diseases Will Rise ... Or Fall? 

(December 3, 2015)  WHO Asks Ukraine To Declare A State Of Emergency.  The Reason:  Polio 

(November 10, 2015)  The Oral Polio Vaccine Can Go 'Feral,' But WHO Vows To Tame It 

(November 2, 2015)  He Sometimes Crawled To School, He Plays Soccer On A Scooter 

(October 26, 2015)  Next Year Could Mark The End Of Polio 

(September 10, 2015)  How Did Polio Pop Up In 2 Polio-Free Countries: Ukraine And Mali

(August 27, 2015)  A Man She Live Polio Virus In His Stool For 28 Years

(August 9, 2015)  Catholic Bishops In Kenya Call For A Boycott Of Polio Vaccines

(June 26, 2015)  Polio Is Active In Only 3 Countries.  Soon It Could Be Down To 2.

(April 12, 2015)  Jonas Salk's Polio Vaccine Makes A Comeback

(April 12, 2015)  Salk Polio Vaccine Conquered Terrifying Disease

(April 10, 2015)  Defeating Polio, The Disease That Paralyzed America

(March 26, 2015)  What's Up WIth Parents Who Don't Vaccinate Their Children

(February 12, 2015)  Nigeria Is On The Verge Of Bidding Goodbye To Polio

(December 26, 2014)  How to Make An Unboring Documentary About Polio

(December 18, 2014)  Pakistan Keeps On Vaccinating Despite Tough Terrain And Terror Threat

(November 30, 2014)  Workers Brave Militant Attacks To Vaccinate For Polio

(August 2, 2014)  Helping Children, Despite Death Threats: A Vaccinator Explains

(July 30, 2014)  Polio's Surge In Pakistan: Are Parents Part Of The Problem?

(July 29, 2014)  The Hidden Costs Of Fighting Polio In Pakistan

(July 28, 2014)  Taliban in Pakistan Derail World Polio Eradication

(May 20, 2014)  CIA Says It Will No Longer Use Vaccine Programs As Cover

(May 5, 2014)  The Comeback Of Polio Is A Public Health Emergency   

(May 5, 2014)  To Fight Polio Outbreaks, WHO Lays Out New Rules

(April 24, 2014)  Why Bill Gates Fights Diseases Abroad, Not At Home

(April 19, 2014)  Polio Threatens To Spread Through Central Africa

(April 17, 2014)  Polio Hits Equatorial Guinea, Threatens Central Africa

(March 30, 2014)  After Ending Polio, India Turns To Stop Another Childhood Killer

(March 27, 2014)  Southeast Asia Free Of Polio As India Declares Health Victory

(December 15, 2013)  They Shot For Zero, But Couldn't Squash Polio in 2013

(December 2, 2013)  As Polio Spreads In Syria, Politics Thwart Vaccination Efforts

(November 8, 2013)  Polio In The Middle East And Africa Could Threaten Europe

(November 2, 2013)  A Conquered Foe Reappears In War-Torn Syria: Polio

(October 31, 2013)  Polio Has Not Returned to South Sudan, After All

(October 30, 2013)  Violence, Chaos Let Polio Creep Back Into Syria And Horn Of Africa

(October 29, 2013)  Polio Returns To Syria As Health System Crumbles

(October 27, 2013)  How The World Backed Polio Into A Corner

(October 21, 2013)  First Polio Cases Since 1999 Suspected in Syria

(October 8, 2013)  Shifting Resources To Front lines Could Protect Polio Workers

(September 2, 2013)  To Keep Polio at Bay, Israel Revaccinates A Million Kids

(July 31, 2013)  Last Person To Get Smallpox Dedicated His Life To Ending Polio

(July 20, 2013)  Polio Eradication Suffers A Setback As Somali Outbreak Worsens

(June 28, 2013)  Polio Outbreak in Somalia Jeopardizes Global Eradication

(May 22, 2013)  Polio Outbreak in Kenya

(May 8, 2013)  Why Bill Gates Thinks Ending Polio is Worth It

(April 26, 2013)  A $5.5 Billion Road Map to Banish Polio Forever

(April 2, 2013)  How to Get Rid of Polio For Good?  There's a $5 Billion Plan

(February 12, 2013)  Attacks On Health Workers Put Fight To End Polio Under Fire

(December 23, 2012)  Risk for Pakistan's Polio Workers Escalates

(December 20, 2012)  U.N. Drops Out Of Polio Vaccinations In Pakistan Following Shootings

(December 19, 2012)  Gunmen In Pakistan Target Polio Vaccinators

(December 4, 2012)  A Polio Outbreak in Pakistan Reveals Gaps In Vaccination

(November 14, 2012)  Pakistan Reaches A Milestone in Ending Polio

(November 8, 2012)  Polio Hides Out In A Few 'Sanctuaries' in Nigeria

(October 25, 2012)  Polio's End Depends On Three Tough Countries

(October 24, 2012)  How Does The Polio Vaccine Reach A Remote Corner Of The World?

(October 19, 2012)  National Public Radio aired a five-part series, Chasing Down Polio, about the ongoing effort to eradicate polio:

   (October 19)  Tweet Chat: Chasing Down Polio, Eradication in Sight

   (October 18)  With An Army Of Vaccinators, India Subdues Polio

   (October 17)  How The Taliban Is Thwarting the War on Polio

   (October 17)  At Polio's Epicenter, Vaccinators Battle Chaos And Indifference

   (October 16)  Wiping out Polio: How The US Snuffed Out A Killer

(October 1, 2012)  Increased Cases of Polio Reported In Nigeria

(September 21, 2012)  On The Road To Polio Eradication In Pakistan

(May 24, 2012)  Call for Emergency Action On Polio Eradication

(January 13, 2012)  India Marks A Year Free of Polio

(September 26, 2011)  Pakistan Polio Spreading To China

(January 31, 2011)  Gates Calls for More Money To Stamp out Polio

(October 26, 2010)  New Vaccine Raises Hopes Of Polio Eradication

(May 14, 2010)  Polio Outbreaks Down But Still Not Wiped Out

(April 26, 2010)  Outbreak Of Paralysis Points To Polio's Return

(May 11, 2009)  Polio Pioneer Helps Survivors Hold On To Strength

(March 26, 2008)  WHO Reports Polio Eradicated In Somalia

(April 28, 2006)  Polio Cases on the Rise

(March 5, 2006)  Fighting Polio Along a Porous Border

(November 1, 2005)  Parental Fears Snarl Efforts Against Polio

(November 1, 2005)  Stumbling Blocks to Ending Polio in Indonesia

(May 3, 2005)  Polio Outbreak Crops Up in Indonesia

(April 15, 2005)  NPR stories commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the polio vaccine:

   (April 15)  Talk of the Nation Chat

   (April 14)  The Campaign to Fight Polio in the Americas

   (April 13)  Why Some Polio Immunizations Fail

   (April 12)  Salk Polio Vaccine Conquered Terrifying Disease

   (April 12)  50th Anniversary of Polio Vaccine

   (April 10)  Polio Survivor Recalls Era Before Salk Vaccine

   (April 8)  Ben Bradlee, Anne Eleanor Roosevelt at the National Press Club

(March 1, 2005)  Teams Strive to Immunize Against Polio in Nigeria

(March 29, 2004) Polio Eradication in Nigeria

(February 25, 2004)  Eradicating Polio

(January 16, 2004)  Stamping Out Polio: Eliminating Last Traces of Disease Proves Difficult

(January 13, 2004)  WHO Renews Effort to Wipe Out Polio

(June 18, 2003)  Polio Eradication Campaign Centers on India

(May 14, 2003)  Global Campaign to End Polio Shifts Strategy

(November 6, 2000)  Polio Immunization in India

(July 29, 1999)  Polio in Angola

(June 17, 1999)  Polio

(August 7, 1997)  Why Polio Vaccines?